Parish Locator Programs

The Database is available to users of other operating systems as a CSV file (see Downloads page).
Both version of the program enable you to locate any one of nearly 15,000 UK parishes. It will produce a list of parishes in any County or a list of parishes within a given radius of any other parish and also allows Import and Export via "csv" files. It is possible to plot the location of parishes to either the screen or the printer.
I am indebted to the many users who have helped correct a number of  errors over the years.

The parishes listed were those in existence at some during the period from the mid 1500s to about 1837 when civil registration started but see section 2.2 of the Manual for full details.

Please note that this program is only concerned with the location of parishes and does NOT contain any details about people.

The original database used by this program was created by Gerald Lawson and was used as the basis of this version with his kind permission

ParLoc3 is written in Delphi for Windows 8 &10.     Parloc4 is written in Java and will run on windows and Linux and should run on the  a Mac but has not been tested.