These Descendant lists cover the main roots of our family we have researched so far:-

Bennett. 1720 - Somerset, Birmingham: England. & New York: USA.  &. Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane: Australia.
Congreave. 1823 - Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Birmingham: England. & Chile.
Holland. 1797 - Warwickshire, Somerset, London: England.
Hooley  1763 - Trowell, Nottingham:  England.
Holt. 1710 - Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Birmingham: England.
Lacy. 1830 - Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Birmingham: England. & Dublin: Ireland.
Pearce. 1847 - London, Lancashire, Worcestershire, Birmingham: England:
Webb 1820 - Birmingham , England.

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My paternal Grandfather William BENNETT (1871 - 1954),  had three younger sisters, and as so often happens, the families have lost touch over the course of the last century.   I have often wondered what became of them and their descendants.  From their marriage certificates I know they married into the following families so if you are a:-

and can trace your family back to the Ditcheat,  East Pennard, or Evercreech areas of  Somerset at the end of the 19th century I would like to hear from you.  Some have already made contact after DNA testing and other via this web site.
You can see details of my family around circa. 1890 by downloading the file below.