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General Instructions
1. Download the version that you want see below.  Both will run on windows but Parloc3 will only run on Windows.
2. After completing the install the directory(folder) should contain the following 11 files:-
                                        ParLoc3.exe,     Parishes.dat,       County.txt,
                                      Manual.htm,       UkLocs.txt,             UkCoast.txt,       IrlLocs.txt,
                                      IrlCoast.txt,        ExtraNotes.rtf     Uninstall.exe,     Uninstall.ini
Note that as you use ParLoc other files will be created in this directory and using all the functions will require 12Mb of disk space.
3.  Please take some time to study the Manual.
Warning - The Database included with this release contains all the corrections previously reported to me by users. 
Any other changes made by users will need to be re-entered. See the Manual.

Click here to see a list of amendments / corrections to the database since the release shown below.

All the downloadable files on this site (except PDF) are stored on Dropbox. 
You don't need a Dropbox Account but if you don't have one, it may help if you download and print the Instructions file first.  
It also contains the notes shown below for easy reference.


Download Parloc3   

I am no-longer able to update this version and the get on-line maps feature  does not work.

The Setup exe file show below will install all the files shown above to
C:\ParLoc3.  You can move this if you wish but it will not work in C:\Program Files.  All the files must be in the same directory.


The database used by the above program is available as a CSV file for use in the Spreadsheet or Database program of your choice.
After you have UnZipped the file be sure to read the files NonPC-ReadMe.txt and Manual.htm.

Download ParLoc4 
I have done some testing on Linux (Ubuntu) but have no experience of the Mac.
There is no installer with this version .  Un-Zip the downloaded file as follows:-
As with ParLoc 3 all the files (including the program) used by ParLoc4.nn are in the same Directory(folder).
In Ubuntu I put the ZIP file in my home folder and the extract created  ParLoc4.nn under my home folder. When you have Un-Ziped the file you will need to  set the “Executable Bit” in the file ParLoc.jar
Perhaps an experienced Mac user could advise me on the best approach but all the files must be in the same directory.